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Youth population in total population of India is 41.05 % in 2001.
This is the demographic picture in the whole of Asia.
And their proportions are growing! This predominance of youth in the population is expected to last until 2050. At that time it will be “advantage” India even as compared to China.

Our cities too are attracting large numbers who migrate to work or study or take advantage of new opportunities. Urban youth are a burgeoning phenomenon. This is a generation growing up in a new and 'shining' Asia that has emerged from the ravages of many wars, freedom struggles and economic distress to make a space for itself among the most developed western world. Their aspirations and hopes, dilemmas and problems are surprisingly similar across countries but different from every other strata of the population. They are struggling to find a space that is uniquely their own. We have created Youth eSocialSciences or YeSS as just such a space where young people can access the best of social science research and understand their world across regions, classes and categories.

YeSS, a collaborative initiative, is grounded in the firm conviction that young people should have a say in the society, politics, culture, economics and the government of the day.
Most importantly, YeSS rests on the belief that young people are more than capable of taking charge their lives and impacting on the social and economic fabric. All they need is an opportunity!
YeSS is designed to allow young people to participate in social science enquiries that eventually inform policies that concern youth.
YeSS also offers a platform for posting their social science research work on youth and issues that affect them and a space where they can find out what young people think of their work.
YeSS offers that opportunity and a space to think aloud and come up with some answers!
YeSS is linked to eSocialSciences, a social sciences portal, pan Asia, India centric and is a unit of IRIS Knowledge Foundation, a CSR initiative of IRIS Business Services, India.

We launch YeSS on the eve of an important anniversary:
India’s 60th Republic Day!
It is also a time of change all over the world: The UNHABITAT’s World Urban Youth Forum has just been held in Nanjing , China. The US has just elected and installed its first African-American president with overwhelming youth support. India is gearing up for another general elections that where young voters, given their numbers will play a critical role. GenNext is expected to transform the the world around like never in the past! YeSS will be in the forefront of covering these changes and making it possible for you to be a part.

It’s your portal Young Asia, make it your own!

Your Volunteer Core Group:
Content Team: Lakshmi Priya(Lead), Punya Trivedi, Rajeev Mavani, Varinder Kumar Technology: Shweta Gupta, Sumit Pathak, Kaustubh Raut
Design:Rahul Hajirnis
eSocialSciences Editor: Padma Prakash

Strength and Harmonize and Research and Action on Migration
Strength and Harmonize and Research and Action on Migration
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