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Your Rights, Your Responsibilities: Health Care
What is right to health and health care?
Right to health means the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health. Right to health includes the underlying determinants of health such as safe drinking ware, adequate sanitation and access to health related information.
Is right to health a fundamental right?
The right to life is recognized as a fundamental right in the constitution (Article 21) and this right has been quoted in various judgments as a basis for preventing. The right to basic health care is recognized internationally as a human right and India is a Signatory to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights which states in its Article 12. avoidable diseaseand to protect health and life.
Why is it important?
India is known to have poor health indicators in the global context, even in comparison with many other developing countries. In India, annually 22 lakh infants and children die from preventable illnesses; 1 lakh mothers die during child birth, 5 lakh people die of Tuberculosis. Diarrhoea and Malaria continue to be killers while 5 million people are suffering from HIV/AIDS. In context of poverty, access to public health systems is critical. So it is important to know about this issue, the health policy in India the collapsing public health system and the increasing private health sector.
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